Concert Preview: Scuba brings London dubstep and techno to U Street Music Hall

If you’re hard up for plans this Valentine’s Day weekend, Scuba is performing at U Street Music Hall Feb. 15. Scuba, born Paul Rose, is a British Electronic musician and founder of the influential Hotflush Recordings record label.

“One of dance music’s most inventive producers,” is how Pitchfork describes Paul Rose. Rose gained fame with his 2008 debut album, A Mutual Antipathy. The album was praised for incorporating both London dubstep beats and early 90’s techno all the while instilling his own unique musicality. In “Tell Her,” haunting melodies resonate together with a strong bass line, and the lack of bass drops show Rose’s distinct style and versatility in incorporating electronic genres.

Triangulation, his second effort released in 2010, topped charts all over the world and continued Rose’s tradition of extraordinary multi-genre sound.

“Colorful and more advanced,” is how Rose described his most recent release, Personality, to Clash. The album is influenced by 80’s pop and 90’s dance music and is by far his most dance-friendly album. “July” grabs your attention right from the beginning and the upbeat, hypnotic melody keeps you moving. Rose considers Personality to be a “honest and accurate portrayal of him musically” and his enthusiasm is shown throughout the album.

Rose began his remarkable career in London as the Hotflush label head, DJ, producer, and promoter. His original intention for the label was to reach a wide range of genres but as dubstep became recognized, the label became more focused on the dubstep genre. The label’s early activity was a prominent force in shaping London’s music scene. Hotflush Recordings has since thrived and has tremendous influence in underground electronic music.

Critically acclaimed all over the world, Scuba is currently on his tour of North America. The show begins at 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15 at U Street Music Hall. Tickets are on sale for $10 for 18-20 year olds and admission is free before 11 p.m. for 21+.

Photo: Scuba via Facebook

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