Comments of the Week: For the love of Vox

Last week, Vox reported on GUSA’s petition to the Provost, showed its readers some Red Square art, wrote about GUSA door-knocking regulations, updated upset sophomores about study abroad and housing, recapped some D.C. news, and reviewed the Vagina Monologues.

However, commenters like Really? seemed deeply dissatisfied with Vox‘s commitment to being Georgetown’s blog of record:

I’m all for cutting down GUSA egos when they get too big, but what about getting other people to talk to the Provost is negative? Vox this is probably the shittiest article you’ve put out this year.

Oh. Wow. It’s only February. Things can only get better from here.

Some commenters decided to be Vox‘s fascistic copy editors, as An Informed Observer informed:

First of all, “their’s” is definitely not a word. Second of all, the last line in this article pretty much confirms Vox’s role as the unobjective, editorializing, and semi-illiterate student publication at Georgetown. Congrats on your continuing mediocrity!

Other commenters, like GFK, decided to define what Vox is, even if he/she wasn’t actually part of Vox and doesn’t understand how it operates:

Canadians, misplaced banners, and missing tweets. Get it together, Vox. Also, since when does “Vox” refer to the writer/editor of a post? This is clearly a misinterpretation. “Vox” has always been and should always be the collective consciousness of the Voice writers and editors.

GFK, Vox (both the collective consciousness of it and the writer/editor of the post) implore you to join Vox. Make Vox better. Oh wait, Vox doesn’t know who you are when you hide behind that veil of anonymity.

seriouslyvox provoked an identity crisis within Vox, as it seems that Vox Populi is no longer Georgetown’s vox populi:

Very disappointed in Vox for 1) not picking up that it says Samo (oh wait, the name of the artist you reported a few weeks ago) and 2) Making this a post about GUSA elections rather than actually READING the artwork and seeing that it is a larger critique of Georgetown’s student culture, frivolous motivations, and inability to appreciate artistic expression. Perhaps this critique arose because the university thought it was a good idea to pressure wash Samo’s first piece? Vox did absolutely nothing with this post but legitimize every point that Samo made in his art. I expect more from you Vox, and am ashamed that you would use this as an opportunity to make a joke rather than analyze the serious claims that Samo put forth

Maybe the commenters are just having an especially rough week. Achmed Jabral unleashed some pretty furious words at outgoing GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14), as if we don’t have enough GUSA shenanigans already:

NATE YOU ARE A JERK!!!! Why was this not passed before YOUR campaign??????? You are the biggest door knocking offender I have ever experienced. Full exploit a lack of rules to your advantage and then change the rules so others cant have the same advantage that you did?? Sounds fair…. Nate you are a hypocrite and the worst GUSA president ever. Ever.

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: For the love of Vox

  1. If you know who GFK is, the commentary in this post is pretty hilarious.

  2. Comments of the Week has just become the “Fuck Vox” portion of Monday programming.

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