GUSA creates a new position and commends Facilities for doing something

This week’s convening of GUSA senators clocked in at just 26 minutes, about which everyone involved was joyous. Then again, it’s possible everyone wanted to get out early to work on catchy slogans for upcoming GUSA campaigns.

In this breezy meeting, the Senate passed two bills. The first, introduced by Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15), established a deputy for Executive Officer Serena Gobbi (COL ’16), which the Constitutional Council found to be necessary given the constitutional controversy of the prior month.

Last year, the positions of communications director, parliamentarian, and secretary had been combined into one position, and compensation for these positions was removed. Now, the new positions of executive officer and the deputy will be paid $300 and $250 per semester, respectively, starting next year. In the spirit of reducing unemployment, the Senate passed this almost unanimously with one abstention.

Next, Vice Speaker Kasey Ng (SFS ’16) introduced a bill to “recognize” University Planning and Facilities for installing video buzzers, in the style of Alumni Square, to replace Henle Village’s technologically obsolete doorbells. Ng was excited to announce facilities may finish this by spring break.

Senator Ben Weiss (COL ’15) was so impressed by this bill that he commended Ng and motioned to vote on the bill without, due to technology failures, reading it first. Likely in fear of running afoul of the Constitutional Council again, the Senate decided to wait to all be emailed the bill before voting.

After successfully downloading and checking the bill to ensure no unmentioned clauses were snuck in, the Senate voted by acclimation to praise Facilities for doing something for once.

The meeting wrapped up with speculation by Senator Pat Spagnuolo (SFS ’14) on whether the absent Senator Cannon Warren (SFS ’14) would ever return, having accomplished his life’s goal of mostly banning door-knocking, and with story-telling by Senator Tyler Bridge (COL ‘17) about a fun night of driving SafeRides for inebriated, possibly Greek women.

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