Spread the love and take Vox’s sex survey

Vox decided to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by ignoring all the romance and going straight for what everyone’s got on their minds. Last year, the Voice did its own sex survey, but Vox thought that was far too tame. So any time before that annoyingly chocolate- and heart-filled day, respond to these questions (which are probably not so appropriate for work or large lectures that you sit in the front of).

For those of you who aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can check back Friday to see the results and then celebrate Vox‘s birthday, which is obviously much better than the holiday. Those of you who are, well you can check back here and find out what the kids are doin’ these days (and plan accordingly).


Image: RihannaVEVO via YouTube

One Comment on “Spread the love and take Vox’s sex survey

  1. That is all (not being snarky here, really I promise).

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