On the Record with Ben and Sam: They want to do lots of things for you

Vox spoke to Ben Weiss (COL ’15), a GUSA presidential candidate, and Sam Greco (SFS ’15), vice presidential candidate, about important things like Wisey’s Hot Chick and Georgetown Heckler.

What are the issues you hope to address while in office and what are some immediate changes you would like to make?

We will work to cultivate student potential by reforming the current funding system. We will work to create a better campus by building on sustainability initiatives, improving healthy food choices, and consolidating pertinent information for students into one website easy-to-use website. We will also work to improve unity, community, and service efforts by inspiring service and creating a more accepting, unified campus culture. Finally, we will work to enact real academic reform by increasing internship credit opportunities, expanding community-based learning, and maximizing study space around campus.

Immediately upon our election, we will work to make student government and bureaucracy more transparent and accessible than ever, through weekly GUSA tabling and funding reform that ensures every student is no more than 2 steps away from the source of all funding. Additionally, we will work to create HoyaLife.com, a comprehensive website where students can book spaces, search for sublet and student job postings, and sign-up to receive personalized emails regarding campus events. We will also work to support all forms of artistic expression on the Hilltop and promote the sharing of student art across campus as soon as we assume office.

Why do you think students should vote for your ticket over the others?

We believe that we have the best platform, the best ideas, and the best approach to solving Georgetown’s problems. We won’t go into depth on every piece of our platform, which you can check out for yourself at www.benandsamforgusa.com, but we mentioned some of our key themes in the previous question.

Aside from a robust and diverse platform, we will work to ensure that students come first, no matter what. We will work to ensure that GUSA representatives actively help students achieve their goals and do not work for themselves. It is our responsibility as candidates for GUSA Executive to empower individual students to pursue their passions. Our agenda doesn’t serve us and we don’t serve GUSA. We serve the students.

Our vision is to help you achieve yours.

What campus groups have you been involved with on campus?

Ben: I began GUSA as the first freshman to ever win an At-Large Senate seat, and for the last two years I have served as Chair of the Student Life Committee. I have also served on the Main Campus Planning Committee, which has since been consolidated into the Provost’s Advisory Board. I am a founding member and committee leader of Georgetown Individuals Vocal and Energetic for Service, or GIVES. I am also a NSO Orientation Advisor and a proud member of the Georgetown University Rugby Football Club.

Sam: Since freshman year I have served in the GUSA Senate. I have served as a member of the Finance and Appropriations Committee, as Vice Speaker, and now as the Speaker of the Senate. I also have served on the GUSA External Board for Food and I have chaired the GUSA Senate Subcommittee on Food Service. I helped establish and am a member of the Chief Business Officer’s Student Working Group and the Healey Family Student Center Pub Student Working Group. Outside of GUSA, I served as a Representative and the Treasurer of the SFS Academic Council during my Freshman year. I am a tour guide for the Blue and Gray Society, a member of the Georgetown University College Republicans, I served as President of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity during the fall of 2013, and have been involved with the IRC and Model UN through NAIMUN and NCSC.

If you could describe your campaign in 4 words what would they be?

We work for you.

What is your favorite Wisey’s sandwich?

Ben: Hot Chick

Sam: Burger madness, no mayonnaise, no onions.

What is your favorite campus publication? (Feel free to not be entirely honest here.)

Both: Undoubtedly the Georgetown Heckler.

Photo courtesy of Sam Greco

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  1. nice collection,

    “Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”

    Thank you

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