On the Record with Jimmy and Thomas: Some honest answers

Vox spoke to Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), who is running for GUSA president, and Jimmy Ramirez (COL ’15), who is running for vice president, about their campaigns and found out that Thomas is a columnist for The Hoya (awkwardddd).

What are the issues you hope to address while in office and what are some immediate changes you would like to make?

We believe that GUSA should act a conduit that empowers individual students and facilitates a collaborative campus community. We want to change GUSA’s approach to representing and advocating for students, by engaging the students who are most closely connected to particular issue so that they are the ones who design solutions. Upon entering office, we want to establish financial and other incentives for student groups to pursue programming that involves collaboration, education about diversity issues, or innovation.

Why do you think students should vote for your ticket over the others?

We come from incredibly unique backgrounds that have enabled us to recognize how blessed we have been with the opportunity to attend Georgetown. Given the access provided to those serving in the GUSA executive, we believe we could serve in even more meaningful ways if elected. We will empower Hoyas to be even stronger voices for the issues that matter to them. We will foster a community where each Hoya, no matter who they are, feels at home.

What campus groups have you been involved with on campus?

Jimmy: He has served the Georgetown community as a member of the Lecture Fund, a proud GSPer (member of the Georgetown Scholarship Program), Sexual Assault Peer Educator, a h.innnovator, a Blue & Gray Tour Guide, cashier at Hoya Snaxa, Resident Assistant in Village A, and as the GUSA Senate Chair of Student Health. Beyond the gates, Jimmy has become an advocate calling for an end to youth homelessness in the country.

Thomas: As a freshman he worked with the DC Schools Project, and wrote for the College Democrat’s publication, The Progressive. As a sophomore, he became the Social Chair of GUPride and worked for the Woodstock Theological Center. Now, Thomas is a Resident Assistant in Village C East for a community of freshmen and sophomores, a columnist for The Hoya, and is the President of GUPride. During Thomas’s presidency, the organization gained newfound prominence appearing in several national media outlets, and has advocated for previously ignored communities. This year Pride co-sponsored events with over two dozen campus partners and student groups.

If you could describe your campaign in four words what would they be?

Empowering Georgetown through collaboration.

What is your favorite Wisey’s sandwich?

Hot Chick with Avocado. Yum.

What is your favorite campus publication? (Feel free to not be entirely honest here.)

Thomas loves The Hoya, Jimmy loves the Voice.

Vox appreciates Thomas’s honesty, though she is somewhat disappointed.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Ramirez and Thomas Lloyd

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  1. there is no Stewards conspiracy, there is only A FOCI CONSPIRACY

    also Thomas looks blazed

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