On the Record with Zach and Dan: Let’s talk in third person

Vox spoke to Zach Singer (SFS ’15), who is running for GUSA president, and Dan Silkman (COL ’15), running for vice president, about important things like Wisey’s Hot Chick and Her Campus.

What are the issues you hope to address while in office and what are some immediate changes you would like to make?

Zach and Dan’s platform emphasizes pluralism, collaboration and a robust vision of Georgetown’s future. We are especially focused on breaking down barriers and allowing every student to reach their full potential on the Hilltop. Zach and Dan also know the importance of making student voices heard when the university or Georgetown’s neighbors propose ideas that are not in the student body’s best interest.

From launching events like Arts Week, using the GUSA Fund to support unrecognized groups and finally creating an easy-to-use event calendar, Zach and Dan are ready to get to work on day one on their comprehensive platform with the experience—and know how to make it a reality.

Why do you think students should vote for your ticket over the others?

Zach and Dan are the most experienced candidates in the race and have compiled a thoughtful platform of bold ideas that tackles the most important issues on the Hilltop.

With a combination of experience within GUSA and outside it, Zach and Dan have the skills and passion to lead the student body and bring students together to boldly solve our biggest challenges. They also know the most important issues focus on improving the Georgetown experience for freshmen, sophomores and transfers, increasing the inclusivity of our campus–regardless of race, disability or socioeconomic status—and making the university bureaucracy more efficient and user-friendly.

What groups have you been involved with on campus?

With three years of GUSA experience, Zach has served as chief of staff in the executive for the past year and previously worked as Senate speaker and vice speaker. Zach is also a committee co-chair for the Residential Living Working Group and serves on the Healey Family Student Center Steering Committee. In addition to working for The Corp at Vital Vittles and the Human Resources department, Zach was an NSO captain last year.

Dan is president of Relay for Life, treasurer of the College Academic Council, a tour guide for Blue and Gray and a DC Reads tutor. With a passion for the undergraduate experience, Dan was a founding coordinator of What’s A Hoya? and a 2013 New Student Orientation coordinator. Dan has also served as a Student Activities Commissioner and is a former vice president of student concerns for the InterHall Council.

If you could describe your campaign in 4 words what would they be?

Building your Georgetown, together.

What is your favorite Wisey’s sandwich?

Zach loves the Hot Chick, while Dan is a big fan of the California Chicken sandwich.

What is your favorite campus publication? (Feel free to not be entirely honest here.)

Her Campus—we are stilling waiting to be named campus cuties.

While Vox was clearly fishing for (not so honest) compliments, she thinks that was quite the smooth move.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Silkman

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  1. Can we talk about how this picture begs to be used as a save-the-date card?

    Also, Vox, you didn’t ask the most important question: what secret societies do each of you belong to?

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