Comments of the Week: John Carroll’s ghost reads Vox

Last week, Vox covered the GUSA election campaigning kickoff and interviewed all four presidential tickets, the addition of an alcohol amnesty clause to the University’s sexual assault policy, and offered some tips on pranking Georgetown on Valentine’s Day.

On Vox‘s newest sex survey, which has the raunchiest questions and answers yet, Beware of heterosexism gave Vox a stern warning.

That is all (not being snarky here, really I promise).

The point is well taken. Vox didn’t mean to engender any heteronormativity. When coming up with questions, however, writing “girl on top” was easier than writing “person receiving penetration on top.”

Theresa clearly didn’t appreciate Vox‘s Valentine’s Day suggestions.

Would Catholic Bishop John Carroll (whom founded Georgetown) be pleased with this blog? Swapping Christianity for Chocolate a fair trade? Then why attend a Catholic University? Does one have to swear to make a point? I thought college students were more skilled than that. Do your suggestions of shameful public behaviors encourage our youth to grow in dignity? Is this the way we want to represent the Untied States of America? You are certainly capable of rising to a higher standard, the choice, however, is purely your own. I invite you to try it. You might enjoy reading a book about the man who founded your college. Your creativity, if properly directed, could bare much fruit. Keep growing and embrace the journey.

Chill out, Socrates. Your comment isn’t about to make anyone embrace the higher path of learning and knowledge. Besides, this blog’s banner portrays someone in a filthy pair of sneakers stepping on Georgetown’s seal. Of course John Carroll probably wouldn’t like Vox very much.

@Theresa knows what Vox means.

Whenever I’m deciding what to order from Wisey’s or where to sit in Lau, I like to think to myself, WWJCT? (What Would John Carroll Think?) I find it helpful to see whether my everyday activities mesh with the infinite wisdom of an 18th century bishop. He wouldn’t have liked that website I visited yesterday….

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