ICC renovations aim at increasing study space

Last week, members of the SFS Academic Council met with representatives from the Provost’s office to talk about increasing student space in the Intercultural Center, Vice President of the SFS Academic Council Megan Murday (SFS ’15) wrote in an email to Vox. The University has drafted plans to upgrade and increase the quantity of furniture on the first and second floors to encourage students to study and collaborate in the ICC.

The modified floor plans include removing an under-utilized bank of computers to provide room for study furniture and adding more tables and chairs in the currently empty areas around the elevators, Murday said. The Provost’s office also plans to install chairs with laptop stands, similar to those found in Regents Hall, in the hallways, and chairs with side tables in places where the benches currently are.

The company that provided furniture from the Hariri Building and Regents Hall will likely provide the new furniture in the ICC. In addition, the SFSAC suggested the installation of single-person study booths in the hallways.

“There is significant utility in having the ICC classroom floors house study space,” she told Vox. “Similar to the MSB and Regents, students will be able to study before or after their classes, instead of waiting on the floor.”

The University has yet to decide how to renovate the ICC Galleria to increase study space, which the SFSAC has been advocating for since Sept. 2013. A Student Space Working Group had determined as early as April 2010 that “lack of lighting and sufficient functional furniture in the Galleria prevents the utilization of this great space to its full capacity.”

According to Murday, the renovations plans for the ICC Galleria and the first and second floors are separate. “[The ICC Galleria] is not the current focal point for additional furniture and renovations,” she wrote. The Provost’s office has contracted an engineering firm to inspect the Galleria’s acoustics, lighting, and electricity to determine how to best render the space more student-friendly.

The Corp has also been involved in the discussions such that the ICC’s future hours of operations will match More Uncommon Grounds’ business operations. As the current changes to the ICC only involve the first and second floors, MUG will not change its current opening hours.

The Provost’s student advisory meetings will continue to discuss how the Galleria’s design will change in the future. “Various stakeholders, including students, professors, deans, and special events, must be included in future discussions regarding the Galleria,” Murday wrote.

The next such meeting will be in March.

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Joshua Raftis

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  1. yay! more chairs like the Regents/Hariri ones! DEY SO COMFY

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