The sex survey results are in, and Vox thinks you might just need a hand

Going through the results of her incredibly unscientific sex survey, Vox realized that Georgetown students need some help when it comes to getting it on. According to the results, only 27 percent of respondents said they orgasmed every time or multiple times they engaged in sexual activities. Vox hopes the responses to the rest of the questions can guide these respondents’ partners in the right direction–as far as popular practices go at the very least (‘cus apparently they need a bit of help).

To be clear, the results from the survey were taken from the first 100 of the 203 respondents, as Vox does not want to pay for Survey Monkey’s upgrade.

First and foremost, most of you want to have more sex. Vox doesn’t think that anyone–aside from the Cardinal Newman Society, perhaps–would be surprised that college students want to have more sex. She’ll give you the numbers anyways just to make the survey worth it. Over a quarter said they got it on a few times a week or more while over 80 percent said they would have sex a few times a week or more (though about a quarter also said how often they had sex depended on their relationship status).

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 2.47.22 AMNow to start you off right, the most popular position was girl-on-top (or, to not be heterosexist, as one commenter pointed out, person-being-penetrated-on-top). Girl-on-top was ranked as the most popular. This is interesting, as almost 60 percent of the respondents were women. Perhaps the culture of overachieving extends into the bedroom.

Another interesting comparison is that 41 respondents ranked girl-on-top as number one and 41 men responded to the survey. Though those two numbers are likely entirely unrelated, Vox will still pretend they are and say that Georgetown men are lazy, ‘cus why not. It’s a sex survey on Vox. The next most popular position was missionary with doggie style in third.

Now to the questions you all were really wondering about: whether or not Georgetown students are into S&M, threesomes, sex toys, and/or random slapping.

Overall, Georgetown students like to play it safe, but are curious when it with some  of those less conventional activities. Almost half of you were not into S&M, though more than a third were at least curious.

As far as threesomes go, Georgetown students were more willing. Thirty percent said “hell ya” to threesomes, and a third would be indecisive and wait until the situation presented itself to decide. The rest opposed it.

Georgetown students were also quite interested in sex toys. The question did not allow for a “no” answer, only “never have but I’d be interested,” so Vox will safely assume all Georgetown students are interested in sex toys. Twenty percent reported using handcuffs and 28 percent reported using vibrators. Looks like The Pleasure Place has been getting some business recently.

And if you were ever considering slapping your partner, don’t. Almost half said they would “terminate penetration” if slapped while having sex. The rest–“cum,” “scream ‘harder,’ ” and “slap him/her back”–were likely not chosen in a serious manner, because this is Vox and here we train our readers to troll.

So with that, Vox concludes her survey, which she expected would have been much trollier. Yeah, she just made that a word.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.33.47 AM

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  1. I think we need an editorial on vox’s favorite position, sex frequency and slap preferences

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