Comments of the Week: Everyone’s a GUSA politico

Last week, Vox reported on the upcoming ICC renovations, profiled Hoyas in Olympics past, fact-checked the platforms of three of the four GUSA executive tickets in this year’s elections, and refrained from being sensationalist by refusing to cover which presidential and vice-presidential candidates were part of Georgetown’s many insignificant secret societies.

Many commenters actually welcomed Vox‘s decision to analyze each campaign’s platform, like Snapz:

Props to VOX for this type of segment, this is a good thing.

NJT suggested that such posts should be a regular staple of GUSA election seasons:

Props to Vox for taking a look at the platforms – a long overdue election tradition. Good points made in a lot of the above though, research will be important to do this well.

It’s worth nothing that, as of the time of this post, no commenter seemed to care much about Vox‘s analysis of Ben and Sam’s campaign, if at all, though many have flocked to the other two tickets’ posts.

Private Association Member became very angry about Vox‘s brave and bold decision to not write about the Stewards:

“These revelations did not generate any meaningful discussion on the place of secret societies at Georgetown, but rather, served to score petty political points.” Really? Regardless of where one stands normatively, last year’s revelations led to the most active recognition of and debate on “secret societies” at Georgetown in recent memory. That concerns raised last year have reemerged in the public discourse is telling of the impact of the Steward Throat “spectacle”.

In response, omg georgetown seemed to express the views of the silent majority:

“Concerns raised last year”? Were students concerned that a the GUSA president might be part of a group donates money to a harmless theater club and debate society? Were people concerned that being part of a club that basically only signifies that its members are self-important is a legitimate problem, especially when they’re running to be the head of a different organization which basically only signifies that its members are self-important? This is trite to the point that it’s laughable, and I applaud Vox for staying out of it. Pictures of puppies on campus is so much more “news” than this stupidity.

Our lovely commenters didn’t just read about GUSA last week. Voxy does not roxy had this to say about our new head football coach:

You do know that we’re still going to lose in a terribly embarrassing manner, right?

4 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Everyone’s a GUSA politico

  1. Many people also criticized the vox’s fact checker series saying that were clearly not properly informed and did not actually fact check the platforms, but why would you want to include that when you can include the only two posts commending your work.

  2. Also note that there hasn’t been a funny comment on Comments of the Week…. probably all semester.

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