Local schools forced to make up for snow days: Is Georgetown next?

Could the cheers and hurrahs echoing through Lau 2 following the announcement of the most recent snow day have come too soon?

Local schools have not been lucky so far. As radio station and NPR affiliate WAMU reported, local schools returned to class on President’s Day in spite of a previously planned holiday. Some are even cutting recess time and adding minutes to their school days to catch up on past snow days that forced schools to cancel class.

Despite the dramatically provocative title of this article, Georgetown’s homework-free days are not necessarily in jeopardy. Well, that is assuming that no more winter storms hit the area.

“Our academic calendar is flexible to allow for one or two snow days in each course, but beyond that it becomes more challenging,” Office of the Provost’s Chief of Staff Allison Whitmar told Vox. Offering no specifics on what another closed campus day might mean for the academic schedule, Vox has her fingers crossed that the University doesn’t have to extend school into long weekends or summer break, or, dare we say it, cut recess (gasp!).

Provost Robert Groves‘s proposed initiative would prevent such effects on the academic calendar following school closures. The initiative would allow professors to hold classes even if a campus-wide closure is in effect.

While Georgetown’s Human Resources Inclement Weather policy states that the University “will use the federal government’s decision as a general guideline when considering whether to open or close all or part of the University during snow and ice storms,” Groves’s proposal would require professors to plan ahead so that they can hold classes despite a campus closure. This could mean utilizing technology in some way or holding make-up sessions for classes at a later time.

For future weather, this could prevent the rescheduling of classes following multiple snow days.

Beyond the complaints Vox has heard from undergraduates about actually having to go to class as a college student, it poses a problem for students living off-campus who would have to trudge through the streets. It would create even more problems for those who prefer to enjoy a day of fun in the snow.

Rain, sleet, snow, or hail, you’re going to class. Although, given the ridiculously good weather in the past few days, we could be in the clear. Vox has her fingers crossed those two snow days didn’t come with a future price.

Photo: Ben Jury/Georgetown Voice

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  1. Has AP Style been amended to make “editorializing” and “Vox Populi” synonymous? Also, straighten your gosh darned photos.

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