Comments on: Clearing up some GUSA confusion over sexual assault policies Mon, 09 Nov 2015 02:04:23 +0000 hourly 1 By: Chiang Kai-Shek Thu, 27 Feb 2014 22:54:42 +0000 Vox, you’ve had generally solid coverage throughout this campaign. But this article makes Fox News look like a paragon of journalistic excellence.

You wrote a story firing shots at two candidates’ policies, and your only source for these supposed flaws is one of the most outspoken supporters of another candidate. Literally. Your ONLY source.

This would be like if the Washington Post wrote a purported “news” article criticizing a policy of Barack Obama’s, based entirely on evidence provided by Karl Rove. It’s sloppy editing at best, blatant PR spinning at worst. If you want to write this kind of piece, go work for the candidate.

Clean it up, Vox. You’re better than this.

By: Hoya Thu, 27 Feb 2014 18:38:53 +0000 Just when we thought we were in the clear of GUSA politicking, this pops up. Where is the disclaimer that Alyssa Peterson is a huge member of Trevor & Omika’s campaign? Where is the disclaimer that Alyssa Peterson’s preferred tickets cross endorsement is Ben and Sam? This just reeks of a collaborative hit piece by Alyssa Peterson & Marisa Hawley on the two tickets Alyssa at least has no interest in supporting. While these corrections may be factual, something is telling me the Ben and Sam or Trevor and Omika have PLENTY of misrepresentations or inconsistencies in their platforms. Is that not being highlighted because Alyssa isn’t the driving force like she is here? It’s truly a shame that something as important as sexual assault has now become something that some people and campaigns are using to give themselves a political upper hand. I can’t wait for this GUSA crap to finally be finished, because Alyssa is normally an incredible person.

By: Alyssa Peterson Thu, 27 Feb 2014 17:12:46 +0000 Thanks Vox. One more clarification:

Thomas and Jimmy’s point to “require that the Title IX Coordinator be the sole point person to whom any incident of sexual assault or harassment is reported by the survivor if the survivor intends on pursuing campus action via the Student Code of Conduct,” is different from mandating that all cases go through Dr. Lord regardless of intentions to report, which would be a harmful idea. For conduct purposes, as they state, the university is already ensuring that Dr. Lord is the point of contact for cases where survivors want to go through a conduct process. As a result, their proposal does not represent a shift in university policy. Still, it is astute that they point this out, as it shows they have read the Dear Colleague Guidance and have a working understanding of Title IX.

Regarding a dual system, the university already has a dual system–my thought is that we should add more confidential resources.