Comments of the Week: Canadian pipelines and puppies

Last week, Vox liveblogged the results of the GUSA election, covered the Georgetown chapter of food publication Spoon University, interviewed Kit Harrington and his splendid torso, and reported on a protest on the Keystone XL pipeline (which started from Red Square yesterday but, strangely, did not heavily feature calls to action from Georgetown students).

Georgetown groups might be calling upon the University to divest itself from fossil fuels, but doosh seems confused:

Why would anyone protest a keystone pipeline? How else do you think they have $10 thirties of keystone at Dixie? I know Natty is the superior lager, but come on, $10 a thirty… I hope they build more pipelines until all beer is on pipe. #beerstothefuture #tisawalsh

Voxy does not roxy had more pressing priorities in his or her life:


Vox had ample GUSA coverage, which sparked some interesting conversations. For Tom De Bow, however, GUSA’s aesthetics were a critical election issue:

Stahp using the ugly old seal! There’s a new, pretty logo in town

Informed Observer was back to make more informed statements:

The difference between The Hoya and the Vox straw poll is that one has a real methodology and one doesn’t…

Vox is hoping the Observer was praising the scientific credibility of his collection of statistics from readers.

Finally, Macreo noticed something deeply disturbing about comments one can find on Vox as off late:

Also note that there hasn’t been a funny comment on Comments of the Week…. probably all semester.

Do you accept the challenge, commenters of Vox Populi?

2 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Canadian pipelines and puppies

  1. Does Macreo mean that there hasn’t been funny comments on “Comments of the Week,” or that Vox just doesn’t get funny comments anymore?

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