Justice and Peace Studies major approved for Fall 2014

Georgetown College has announced on Tuesday that it will now offer a Justice and Peace major (JUPS) in addition to the pre-existing minor and certificate programs. The Director of the Program on Justice and Peace Randall Amster explained the rational behind this decision. “We know that a number of juniors have expressed interest in declaring the major, so we will indeed be graduating the first major class next spring,” he said.

Although he stated that approximately 15 to 20 students currently graduate from the minor and certificate program every year, he is uncertain how many juniors will declare a JUPS major.”In a time rife with profound issues of conflict and injustice, it is gratifying and encouraging that this world-class institution has heightened its commitment to the values of peace and justice by approving the new major,” wrote Amster in a statement Justice and Peace Progam website.

Amster was recently hired to the program alongside another Elham Atashi. “For the first time we had the staffing to make a major possible,” said current JUPS Professor Mark Lance.

Undergraduates Maggie Ferrato (SFS ’14), Gianna Maita (COL ’15), and Kyla McClure (COL ’15) have been pushing for this JUPS major for the past two years along with JUPS faculty and College administrators. This professor-student team worked together to draft the proposal.

“We submitted [the proposal] to the [College] Executive Committee for feedback, and then to a subcommittee for additional refinement,” said Amster. “In the end, the proposal was unanimously approved by the ExCo, and finally approved by the Board of Directors this semester.”

According to Maita, this new major program will allow students to pursue their passion instead of looking elsewhere in the College for a major of less interest. She already stated her plans to graduate Georgetown as a JUPS major. “I arranged my courses so that I could declare as soon as it was possible,” Maita wrote.

JUPS already has multiple new courses in the works such as a research methods course to be added to pre-existing ones like nonviolence in theory and practice and conflict transformation. The program will officially begin offering the new major in fall of 2014.

Reporting by Noah Buyon

Photo: Georgetown University

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