Hoya Sexa: Sex-Positive Week at Georgetown wraps up tomorrow

Sex-Positive week, which spans from last hump-day to this hump-day, finds itself coming to a close. The United Feminists’ annual week has two more events remaining.

The controversial week has run into some issues with administration in the past, so this year they’ve been working with the Center for Student Engagement and a SAC advisor to reduce the chance of contention. “We have also made sure to there have been professors [involved],” Kim Blair (COL ’15) of United Feminists said. “Our movie night on Tuesday is moderated by Professor Kathleen Guitroz.”

The week began last Wednesday with a social media campaign called #hoyasexa where students were invited to post about Sex-Positive Feminism. The posts were asked to be tame in some degree, as issued by the group’s Facebook event page: “We ask that you keep all graphic visuals rated between PG-13 and R. (We do not want the administration shutting down Sex-Positive Week on the first day).”

On Saturday, there was a trip to a Pole Fitness class in DuPont. Students filled the trip’s quota and managed to pull a wait list together.

This Tuesday at 7 p.m. there will be a showing of the documentary Our Bodies, Our Minds and a discussion led by Guitroz of the Sociology Department. “They call themselves feminist sex workers,” Blair said of the women in the film. “So we’re going to deconstruct that and see what people’s opinions are.”

The week concludes at Uncommon Grounds with an Open Mic Night called GSPOT-light at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

To find out more about the final two events, check out their Facebook event page here.

Photo: F.O.R.C.E. via Flickr

2 Comments on “Hoya Sexa: Sex-Positive Week at Georgetown wraps up tomorrow

  1. Worried about the students this days. In my day we were positive about sex for the whole year, not just a week.

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