Breaking: Vox no longer loves snow

This image is representative of how Vox feels about snow storms after this winter.

Vox had a lovely time playing at the beach over break and was saddened to return to this mushy, sloshy mess, which wasn’t even messy enough to cancel classes.

Actually, Vox is kind of happy classes weren’t cancelled, as the Provost would have been very unhappy and could have had reason to extend classes into study days or impose the wrath of Nicholas Cage on the student body (because we clearly control the weather and should therefore be punished for it with extra work).

Well, students, enjoy getting your boots covered in snow on your way to classes. Hopefully you had decent foresight and still did your homework last night. Keep your head up, though, the weather will be up 30-40 degrees again come Friday.

Vox will leave you with photos of beautiful beaches to dream about. Feel free to look at these as you sit in class or attempt to study later day.

Follow the jump for photos of beaches.

CR-BEACHPhoto: Tico Times via Google

3440552-one-of-the-many-beautiful-beaches-1Photo: Beautiful Cool Wallpapers via Google

pretty-rainbow-over-haena-beach-hawaiiPhoto: World Super Travel via Google

beaches-beautiful-14Photo: The Berry via Google

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