Comments of the Week: What happened two weeks ago?

Before Vox could really enjoy her spring break, she had some tragic breaking news, posted a very long transcript of a conversation between Voice editor-in-chief Connor Jones and President John J. DeGioia, and covered more of the sadness that is the Georgetown men’s basketball team.

DeGioia responded to many pressing matters such as socioeconomic diversity and race relations at Georgetown, but commenter still seemed disappointed by what our interview lacked:

Are we just not going to talk about how hilarious JdG looks in this picture?

Meanwhile, Doug is extremely realist when it comes to the Hoyas’ basketball hopes and dreams:

Only chance for possible NCAA tournament bid is another win against Creighton. Frankly, don’t see it happening. More realistic wish is that Hoyas can make it back to the Garden in NIT finals…no, don’t see that happening either!

O rly gave Vox a lot of sass:

I really like when vox pop reposts letters that are sent to the entire student body. It’s quite helpful.

On the other hand, @o rly gave O rly not that much sense, but more like a piece of mind:

Hey O Rly–this blog is for students, faculty, residents of the Georgetown neighborhood, alumni, and whoever the hell else feels like reading it. As an alum who did not receive this email, I appreciate its being posted here.

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