Let’s get thirsty for Georgetown Water Week

1146527_210870379120823_595194741_nIt’s all about the H2O as campus plunges into Georgetown Water Week. Organized by GUSA and the Office of Sustainability, each day will feature a different event or activity that focuses on informing the Georgetown community of the importance of water conservation and sustainability initiatives.

“Water week is meant to spread awareness about the importance of water and our impact on it,” said Willie Landi (COL ’17), a member of the Sustainability Board in the Freshmen Outreach Program. “We are focusing on several aspects of Georgetown’s relationship with water including our water footprint at Leo’s, the value of filtered water (because of the new filtration stations that were put up around campus), and water pollution in the Potomac,” he said.

Meatless Monday: Kicking off the week is Meatless Monday. Open to carnivores and vegetarians alike, you can find out how much water you “eat” and enter a raffle for prizes in Leo’s.

Tapped Tuesday: At 8 p.m. in ICC 103 there will be a movie screening of the documentary “Tapped.” And no, this is not a movie about the NSA’s tapping into our phones or how the Stewards pick their members, like Vox thought at first. Rather, it’s a film on the impact of bottled water, aimed to influence students to use the new Brita filters on campus.

Water Station Wednesday: Take a selfie with any Brita water filter on campus and post it to social media to enter a raffle to win a gift card to Sweet Green. Once you’re selfied out, you can see Environmental Protection Specialist Ellen Tarquinio speak in Walsh 394 at 7 p.m.

Thirsty Thursday: If you’re feeling really thirsty…for water…stop by Red Square from 11-2 to take the Tap Water Taste Test Challenge for prizes.

Service Saturday: In honor of World Water Day, join a GU volunteer team and clean up Anacostia River. More details on how to sign up are on the GU Water Week Facebook Page.

With all of these water events throughout the week, Vox thinks she’ll be going to the bathroom every five minutes.

Photo: Georgetown Water Week via Facebook

4 Comments on “Let’s get thirsty for Georgetown Water Week

  1. hahaha silly vox, you don’t need to tell georgetown bitches to get thirsty. georgetown bitches always be thirsty

  2. Wut is this shit. A Water Week without a Wednesday wet t-shirt contest? For shame?

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