NCAA mistakenly prints March Madness shirts with Georgetown ‘G’ instead of GW’s logo

Our men’s basketball team, the only one in the metropolitan D.C. area that did not win a bid to this year’s NCAA tournament, knows that it deserves a place regardless. Even the NCAA’s apparel producers agree.

Yesterday, USA Today sports blog discovered that the official 2014 NCAA tournament shirt (pictured above), which contains the logos of all 68 teams, unmistakably contained the big, bad ‘G’ of the Hoyas in lieu of the wonky letters of the Georgetown Washington Colonials, who were placed in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2007.

Vox speculates that the T-shirt’s producers imported the shirt in question, which has since been corrected with the correct logos and is no longer on sale on NCAA’s online store, from an alternate universe where the Hoyas dominated the Big East championships.

GW’s men’s basketball team doesn’t seem to have much confidence these days, and the recent t-shirt mistake probably doesn’t help. Seems as though they’ll be living under Georgetown’s shadow for just a bit longer. Though apparently, according to the Associated Press, Colonials fans celebrated when Georgetown dropped out of the tournament bid on Sunday. Only time will tell if GW can truly step out of the shadow of the hilltop.

One Comment on “NCAA mistakenly prints March Madness shirts with Georgetown ‘G’ instead of GW’s logo

  1. They’ll always be living under our shadow. Always.

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