Vox Gets Into Treble: Back from Break Blues

Balmy temperatures, clear skies, margarita pitchers. Or for most of us – sweatpants, Netflix and Nutella. It all seems like a distant dream. If that wasn’t enough, the Hilltop welcomed us back with freezing temperatures and teased us with the hopes of a snowday.

Couldn’t we just ease back into it? No, said Provost Groves. While you trudge to your classes amid the snow and slush, do not lose hope. Vox has made the perfect playlist for pouting in Lau 2 and getting over your post break blues. From Sarah Vaughan to Paul Simon, The Kills to Arcade Fire, this playlist strikes a sweet melancholy chord. So click play and stare vacantly at that white-washed cinderblock wall, remembering all the fun you had last week. Or least, all the sleep you got. 

1. Sarah Vaughan – All of Me

2. Amy Winehouse  Back to Black

3. The Kills – Baby Says

4. Arctic Monkeys – 505

5. The Black Keys – These Days

6. Paul Simon – Train in the Distance

7. Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra

8. Arcade Fire – Half Light I

9. Beirut – Nantes

10. The Smiths – Asleep

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