Healey Family Student Center pub vendor to be chosen by April

If you live on the outskirts of campus, then the ear-splitting sounds of drills and construction on the Healey Family Student Center near New South may have escaped you. Though the student center causing this ruckus plans to open its doors this August, the student pub continues its difficult and winding search for a vendor.

Georgetown has compiled a list of 32 potential vendors to replace former vendor, Fritz Brogan (COL ‘07, LAW ‘10), who withdrew from his agreement with the university last December. The list has recently been narrowed down to 12 candidates, but the difficulties remain.

“Asking someone to take on a job in late March to open in August can create a challenge,” said GUSA Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15). “Because there are about 7,000 undergraduates, a lot of people don’t think that’s feasible for their business model.”

Aside from logistic issues and scheduling troubles, Georgetown must find a vendor willing to work with students. “For us to be comfortable with a vendor, they have to be able to employ students and treat them well,” said President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14).

The frightening thought of both serving and employing rowdy college kids may prove sufficient in scaring potential vendors away, but then try adding a non-negotiable policy of opening the pub to all students ages 18 and up.

While the task seems daunting—the university must decide on a vendor by April—the Associate President of Auxiliary Business Services, Joelle Wiese, assures students that the university’s priority is to keep student interests in mind. She explains that the vendor the university ultimately decides on will “embrace Georgetown, engage students, and focus on making the student pub a ‘student pub.’”

So cross your fingers that search ends soon, and not just because the end of construction means undisturbed sleep, but also because the Healey Family Center Pub would likely serve as a much needed addition to student life on campus.

Reporting by Shalina Chatlani. Article originally from the print edition.

Design courtesy Georgetown University. (Disclaimer: Image might not be current)

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