Comments of the Week: Vox readers always be thirsty

Last week, Vox arguably had the most extensive and timely updates on the ricin incident at McCarthy Hall. It also wrote about a project to portray high-profile Georgetown administrators in drag, explored the Office of Sustainability’s Water Week, and yearned for some warm Florida sun.

Vox told its readers to get “thirsty” to learn more about the importance of water conservation, but notahoe disagreed:

hahaha silly vox, you don’t need to tell georgetown bitches to get thirsty. georgetown bitches always be thirsty

Placing President John J. DeGioia and Father Kevin O’ Brien S.J. in Marilyn Monroe hairdos clearly angered some readers as they questioned whether or not Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) was playing too many gender cards and defacing too much of our beloved president’s face. Babs, however, asked a more piercing question:

dayum hunt-y, jack degoia be lookin’ fishy but does he tuck?

Last week’s ricin incident at McCarthy Hall made national headlines. However, none of us actually knew at first that the white substance found was actually ricin. GUASFCU yoloswaglax bro immediately tried to claim responsibility:

I KNEW I left my cocaine somewhere!

Some McCarthy 6 residents complained about not having a room for the night while the investigation continued. Stills was perceptive enough to recognize the gracious benevolence of the Office of Residential Life:

Savoy….. ritzy only the best for Georgetown students affected by a possible chemical attack

Vox could hardly live with the irony that metropolitan D.C. couldn’t even handle two measly inches of snow, yet life at Georgetown would continue as normal while a plastic bag full of ricin sat inside a McCarthy dorm room. At least it has changed I am the one who knocks’ eating habits:

This is why I don’t put sugar in my coffee

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