H*yas for Choice hosts Choice Week for the seventh consecutive year

It seems that every group on the Hilltop wants your attention this month. Hot on the heels of Georgetown Water Week and the Center of Social Justice’s Education Week, H*yas for Choice is hosting its seventh annual Choice Week. This year’s theme, “My Choice, My Voice,” is about both women’s right to reproductive choice and free speech on campus.

My Choice, My Voice” is a nod to the work H*yas for Choice has done this year in regards to the University’s speech and expression policy,” Laura Narefsky (COL ’14), President of H*yas for Choice, told Vox. “This issue has gone quiet in the last few weeks, and we want to remind both students and administrators that we are not done fighting for rights of expression on campus.”

Changes to the room reservations process and GUSA funding helped improve programming and logistics in the year’s Choice Week.

We are aware that some pockets of students, faculty, and administrators are unhappy with our presence and wished we would go away,” Narefsky said of the obstacles HFC encountered in planning Choice Week. “I wish that those who disagree with us would give more respect to members of the Georgetown community who choose to support our right to engage in dialogue.”

As a result of the Center for Student Engagement’s clarifications on co-sponsorship, HFC is able to collaborate with a recognized group on campus for choice week, a policy change that it has advocated for. “Personally, I feel that this year’s programming is a step above what we’ve been able to do in the past,” Abby Grace (SFS ’16), Vice-President of H*yas for Choice, told Vox.

Here’s a breakdown of Choice Week’s events:

Monday: HFC will be hosting Catholics for Choice, a pro-choice and dissenting Catholic organization, in ICC 116 at 7:30 p.m. “HFC co-sponsoring with religious organizations is a way for many of our members to reconcile their identity as a religious individual and as pro-choice,” Grace said. “We really want Choice Week to be an event for the Georgetown community at large. We recognize that there are many Catholic, pro-choice students at Georgetown, and we think that this event is a great way to bridge the divide between Georgetown as a religious institution and healthy dissent.”

Tuesday: HFC will be riding the Law Center shuttle at 7:55 a.m. to attend Planned Parenthood’s rally at the Supreme Court while justices hear Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, a case about whether employers can use religious beliefs to deny women birth control coverage. In the evening, HFC and GU Pride will host “Queer Voices, Queer Choices,” a panel on pro-choice and gay rights issues with representatives from NARAL, the Religious Coalition for Choice, and the Great American Condom Campaign. The panel will be held in Car Barn 204 at 8 p.m.

Wednesday: HFC will host a talk, “Democratic Women’s Political Voices,” in Walsh 392 at 7 p.m to examine the importance of women’s political voices in the pro-choice movement in light of new Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers laws across the country.

Thursday: Reproductive rights activist and Cornell MPA student Renee Bracey Sherman will host a workshop on how to talk about abortion to others and how to listen when others share their stories on abortion at Maguire 103 at 7:00 p.m.

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Gavin Myers

4 Comments on “H*yas for Choice hosts Choice Week for the seventh consecutive year

  1. But how can this be? I thought HFC couldn’t go 18 minutes without being sent to the gaoler by the mean, mean Catholic university.

    Despite their constant need to generate media attention with cries of persecution, Georgetown’s response to pro-abortion groups less resembles Sarah Palin than Michael Palin in the Spanish inquisition sketch (bring out…the comfy chair).

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