Tezel and Jikaria sworn in as GUSA executives

After election results were certified Saturday, the newly appointed President and Vice president, Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), respectively, gave their inaugural speeches Sunday. The two were sworn in separately and then gave their own speeches.

“There is a palpable student energy that is looking to change basic assumptions on university policy and its GUSA’s job is to channel that energy into action,” said Tezel. The hilltop’s new and starry-eyed executive emphasized first improving relations within GUSA in order to work better with the student body in turn. He plans to accomplish this by inviting a Senator to every future executive meeting. Jikaria then added to this belief in her inaugural speech by stating that, “we need to get rid of the notion that GUSA is just a concentration of hot air.”

After promising better communication within GUSA, Tezel tackled student life with the announcement of several new initiatives. He announced that his team has begun considering the creation of a student administrator committee that looks “to reexamine the access to benefits policy so that all student groups have basic rights of freedom of association on campus.”

The next initiative targets transfer students specifically. “I’m proud to announce the reinstitution of the GUSA transfer council to represent the often unaddressed interests to those who are late arrivals to the hilltop,” said Tezel.

The presidential pair also reaffirmed past goals. Tezel promised to continue lobbying for changes in the student code of conduct in order to protect the rights of sexual assault survivors. Jikaria then spoke about the creation of a multicultural council that promotes policy changes that can benefit the number of cultural groups on campus.

The former presidential pair, Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14), welcomed Tezel and Jikaria in their resignation speeches Saturday. Tisa also spoke of community on campus, applauded GUSA’s growth since his freshman year, and encouraged the student group to continue its job advocating for students. “As long as relationships are in tact we cannot be afraid to challenge the university,” said Tisa.

Hopes were high in Healy 106 Sunday afternoon. “Everything we do in the next year is with the sole intention of bettering student life at this university,” assured Tezel.

Photo: Gavin Myers/Georgetown Voice

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