Comments of the Week: Prospective Vox Readers Weekend

Last week, Vox examined the value of the Washington Redskins’ name, asked why so many student groups wanted to hold student-group weeks, continued to cover USA v. Milzman, and analyzed GUSA’s budget. She also hated on the never-ending snow for the second week in a row.

Georgetown readers know Vox for her eccentric (and occasionally biting) snark. However, What just doesn’t seem to get it:

Vox this is a news article, get the commentary out of here: “fearless” “new and exciting” “slap in the face.” Your job is to report the news, I could care less what you think about it. What is so fearless about them anyway? And maybe you disagree (or rather clearly you do), but personally I thought newspapers were far more exciting than a “sunny day fund” that I’ll never see any benefit from.

And by the way, why isn’t GUSA the most fearless organization in the world? Think about it. If it weren’t for them, you could very well still potentially be reading physical copies of USA Today/The New York Times/The Washington Post right now!

Meanwhile, damn thought about the utility of these free newspapers. And the newspeak that Georgetown students say:

I’m a senior $156 short on rent this month who doesn’t know what half of these acronyms even stand for. at least I can stock up on newspapers to use as blankets when I get evicted. Oh wait…

Speaking from experience, on the other hand, gave impeccable insight about freshman roommate romance:

“Head over Heels,” Listen to Caitriona. LISTEN TO HER. My roommate confessed his love for me at about this time in my freshman year and I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE. Under no circumstances should you confess your love to your roommate. End of story.

Not Omar Bargouti seems to be oblivious to Vox‘s attempt to highlight the self-importance of student groups on campus (insert high-pitched awkward! sound effect):

How about some love for Israeli Apartheid Week in late February? You know, the week with the giant display in ICC that the Hoya saw fit to publish three articles on, but Vox couldn’t be bothered to check out.

Finally, what would every day I’m commentin’ say about Vox‘s contemporary commentary of each week’s movie releases?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I find these posts endlessly entertaining. Never stop them.

One Comment on “Comments of the Week: Prospective Vox Readers Weekend

  1. Vox, you still can read those stupid newspapers right now. The new budget doesn’t go into effect until June. Derka Der

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