GUSA extends recently created Subcommittee for Creative Expression

GUSA unanimously passed a bill this Sunday that ensures GUSA’s Subcommittee for Creative Expression, formed in October, into the upcoming years. The committee is responsible for the organization of Arts Week, which will take place for the first time from April 5 to 12.

Jonathan Thrall (SFS ’17) and Andrew Walker (SFS ’16), the committee’s co-founders and co-chairs, presented the bill to the Senate. Their presentation began with an overall report on Georgetown’s lacking art scene. The report was based on a survey that they sent out to 34 student-led groups on campus. The survey asked questions like: “How satisfied are you by the space availability at Georgetown?”

The general consensus among groups is that there is a lack of an artistic community on the hilltop. The presentation said student groups desire more support and awareness from other students as well as collaboration between groups. The subcommittee plans to respond to these findings by helping student groups with publicity and advertising.

The student groups also expressed a desire for increased budget for traveling and space allocations. Walker said that “most groups are satisfied with their funding to maintain what they already do but if they want to break out and do something different–such as record a CD–its funding for those kind of things that are significantly harder and there is a lot of red tape.”

Space allocation, however, presents a larger challenge. Student groups have expressed concern over the limited rehearsal space on campus and its accessibility. Walker explained that groups are becoming larger, and that there are new ones every year, but that “we have the same amount of space to house them.” The GUSA duo, via the subcommittee for Creative expression, plans to publicize how spaces are allocated; increase transparency and reduce limitations when applying for space; renovate existing space; and lastly, lobby for the implementation of new creative spaces in areas under construction such as the Healy family Student Center.

“We want GAAP students and Georgetown students to realize that there is an artistic community on campus,” said Thrall. “We want them to understand that coming to Georgetown doesn’t mean leaving behind your instrument at home and pursuing pre-professional aspirations instead.”

Arts Week, the subcommittee’s single largest event, aims to encourage creative expression by publicizing events that are taking place on campus. It kicks off this Saturday with Spring Sing, an annual a cappella performance sponsored by Superfood. “It’s great to see the support for the arts growing on campus. I’m excited for the events this week and to see the turnout for the show on Saturday,” said Superfood’s president Christopher Pepe (COL ’15).

Editor’s note: Nicole Steinberg would like to clarify that she finds Christopher Pepe to be a “gentlemanly sexy-man president.” 

2 Comments on “GUSA extends recently created Subcommittee for Creative Expression

  1. 1. “Arts Week” is like “Black History Month.” Why emphasize the arts at Georgetown for only one week, instead of the entire year?

    2. Vox, can you make the report publicly available?

    3. I honestly LOLed at the thought of a Georgetown student feeling deprived of “recording a CD.” There is so much weirdness there. Are we in 1994? Can’t everyone do that with a laptop and a cord? And funding to help people record CDs? Wtf?

  2. Thank God for this subcommittee, because if there was one thing holding back my artistic endeavors it was a lack of substantial bureaucracy

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