Milzman detention ruling reversed, will remain in jail

Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts overruled the decision made Tuesday that would have allowed Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) to stay in at a hospital under his parents’ custody following an appeal made Wednesday by the prosecution. Milzman will stay in jail pending trial.

Milzman, charged with possession of ricin, will no longer be admitted to a two week in-patient psychiatric program at Sibley Memorial Hospital and after released to his parents’ residence following the program. Instead, he will be “detained but placed on rigorous suicide watch,” Roberts said in District Court.

The hearing was held today following a court session on Wednesday in which the prosecution made its appeal for the further detention of Milzman.

Though Milzman has a documented history of mental health issues and lacks a criminal record, Roberts said the evidence provided favors detention rather than release prior to his trial. Roberts said the evidence does not confidently indicate that the toxin was only intended for himself, as the defense claims.

Due to Milzman’s history of mental health issues, some psychiatric support will be given to him in his detention.

One Comment on “Milzman detention ruling reversed, will remain in jail

  1. Great job Jared! So happy he’s remaining in prison : )

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