Voice launches new online magazine, Halftime (so go check it out)


Just a few months ago, sports editor Chris Almeida decided launching a sports podcast wasn’t enough, so he also began working on a new site for the VoiceSports assistant editor Chris Castano and leisure assistant editor Daniel Varghese also joined in and helped him launch Halftime, the Voice‘s new online magazine dedicated to pop culture and sports (hence the name of the site). 

Halftime will cover topics in the entertainment industry ranging from reviewing The Lego Movie to discussing what it takes to be a Formula 1 driver.

Follow the jump for links to a few more Halftime posts Vox enjoyed. Read ’em and go check out the site! And you can check back on Vox every Wednesday to see a weekly roundup of posts on Halftime.

Benjamin Mazzara writes a weekly column about comics, and last week he wrote about his disappointment in the new issue of Batman.

Sports assistant editor Brendan Crowley imagines what a Christmas with the New York Knicks would look like.

Andrew Gutman challenges the assumption that “the book is better than the movie.”

With the Brazil 2014 World Cup approaching, sports assistant editor Chris Castano is previewing all the competing squads, starting with Spain’s team.

Be sure to follow Halftime on Twitter @HalftimeGU.

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