Vox secedes from the Voice and is purchased by The Hoya

This is the type of unprofessional behavior Vox had come to deplore.

Earlier this morning, Vox and her assistant editors decided they had had enough of the Voice (Vox‘s parent newspaper and her tyrannical supervisor). She, along with assistant editors Marisa Hawley, Kenneth LeeRyan Greene, and Laura Kurek pinned a list of grievances on the Voice‘s office door, marking our official secession from our overbearing print edition.

Our grievances included the following: secondhand smoke, slightly left-leaning views on the paper, small office space, forced snark (no we actually didn’t want to be snarky), and the forced use of AP Style (we prefer Chicago). Furthermore, with the arrival of the new blog Halftime has created an emotional disconnect between former Vox editor and current Editor-in-Chief Connor Jones. He’s been so busy with that site that he hardly ever anonymously comments on Vox anymore. He doesn’t even call us back!

Though we tried to survive on our own, we soon went bankrupt and had to be purchased by The Hoya for $3.80 and a box of hot pockets. We’re not too upset, though. They have bigger offices and print in color. Also their Editor-in-Chief actually paid attention to us.

Follow the jump for the full press release on The Hoya‘s purchase:

4 Comments on “Vox secedes from the Voice and is purchased by The Hoya

  1. “…since it proudly owns another blog dedicated to the curation of amusing lists about alcohol and Leo’s.”

    Lost it when I read this.

  2. But wait…this post can’t be real….THERE’S NOTHING ABOUT THE WEATHER IN HERE!

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