Bowser defeats Gray in mayoral primary

Muriel Bowser, the 41-year-old council member from Ward 4, defeated incumbent Mayor Vincent Gray in the Democratic mayoral primary yesterday. Because a Republican mayoral candidate has never won a popular vote election for mayor in D.C.’s history, this means Bowser is most likely the District’s next mayor.

Although the count was delayed by problems with voting machines in some precincts, the full results of the election are now in and show that Bowser received 35,899 votes, or 44.3 percent, compared to Gray’s 26,209, or 32.4 percent. Council member Tommy Wells came in third with a respectable 10,181 votes, or 12.6 percent.

In her victory speech, Bowser called for unity among the Democrats before the November general election.

“A lot of our friends were with other candidates,” Bowser said, according to City Paper. “And it’s my job to let them know that I’ll be their mayor, too.”

In addition to hitting on all the usual D.C. Democrat talking points (health care, marriage equality, and federal representatives for the District), Bowser said that the mayor has to have a “moral authority” when they lead, a dig at Gray’s administration and its possible corruption following investigation into Gray’s 2010 shadow campaign.

Results indicate that Gray performed well in the eastern half of the city and among the African American voting demographic, but Bowser won the west and had a voting base that crossed demographics, according to the Post.

Bowser was the first candidate to start her campaign and relied mostly on outreach and face-to-face interaction with her voter base to generate support, as opposed to lofty goals and concrete plans, according to the Washington Post.

Photo: crystalndavis via Flickr

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