Vox gets into treble: Spring is in the air

It’s probably safe to say that there won’t be any more snow days for the rest of the year, and that’s just fine with Vox. Here are some upbeat, summer songs to get ready for the warm weather.

Check out the list of songs on this playlist after the jump.

1. “Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)” — Counting Crows

2. “I Locked My Time Capsule” — Fireworks

3. “Thunder Road” — Bruce Springsteen

4. “Old White Lincoln” — The Gaslight Anthem

5. “Dashboard” — Modest Mouse

6. “Skeleton” — The Front Bottoms

7. “Kids” — MGMT

8. “1979” — Smashing Pumpkins

9. “Get Lucky” — Daft Punk

10. “Wild West Selfishness” — Seahaven

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