This Week in the Voice: GU’s starving artists

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.55.11 PMThis week’s feature, written by assistant leisure editor Josh Ward, delves into the struggles faced by student artists of many stripes at Georgetown as they try to balance their artistic interests with the need to fit in to the University’s pre-professional atmosphere.

Because of the inherent need to prioritize in the pre-professional culture, creative expression is not given the attention that Georgetown’s Jesuit mission to educate the whole person implies. Arts communities remain separate from mainstream culture, and in the rigid, career orientation of the University, expression becomes both a struggle and a sacrifice.

News reports on the administration’s potential plan to limit sophomore and junior housing to dormitories by 2016.

Sports covers the men’s lacrosse 17-9 loss to Denver.

Assistant news editor Manuela Tobias steps into Leisure territory this week with her review of Mask and Bauble’s production of She Loves Me.

In Voices, James Constant writes about the difficulty being a transfer student and Georgetown’s poor support for the transfer student community.

The Editorial Board criticizes the administration for considering a mandatory on-campus housing option for juniors and instead proposes increasing incentives for living on campus for upperclassmen.

And Page 13 delivers a detailed, honest guide to preregistration.

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