Campus Crime Watch: Watch out for assault, check fraud, and eggs

GUPD reported 18 cases of crime in its March crime log, with a majority of the cases occurring in the last two weeks of the month. 22 percent, or 4 acts of crime, were reported at the Leavey Center, the highest concentration of any location on campus last month.

All of the reported crimes are listed above in our fancy, interactive map. Here are a few cases that caught Vox‘s attention.

Aggravated assault at New South Hall: DPS arrested a student, who had assaulted another student on Mar. 6. The assaulted student was hospitalized.

Check fraud at the Credit Union: A Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union employee reported a case of check fraud on Mar. 17, and D.C. Police is handling the investigation.

Disorderly Conduct at LXR: Officers saw students throwing eggs from a window at the 35th street dorm on Mar. 23. The students were referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Destruction of property: A contractor’s personal vehicle was intentionally damaged at the Southwest Quad Garage on Mar. 30.

Burglary at LXR: On Mar. 29, “Roommates reported that their unsecured room had been burglarized and personal property stolen,” the report states. Well, duh. Vox just can’t. How many times has campus police reminded you to keep yer windows shut and keep yer door locked in the dozens upon dozens of public safety alerts that they email you? Huh?

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  1. this fucking *interactive* map is so fucking good

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