This Week in Halftime: Baseball’s back

The baseball season is back, and with it comes lots of posts on Halftime about, well, baseball.

Voices editor Steven Criss discusses what it will take for D.C’s Nationals to actually successful this year. With high hopes for the team, it might just be possible.

The entrance of Bryce Harper and his Rookie of the Year season in 2012 brought with it a glimmer of hope for Nats fans that maybe, just maybe, their team wouldn’t have to finish at third place or below every season.

Assistant sports editor Brendan Crowley also delves into the world of the MLB, but instead of looking to the future, he looks to the past at the 1998 Yankees and “El Duque,” a Cuban baseball player with an unorthodox pitching style and a “cult hero.”

‘El Duque,’ with his hat pushed down over his eyes, sported an unorthodox pitching motion; before each delivery, Hernandez kicked his left leg wildly upwards, almost to eye level, before delivering an array of pitches that kept hitters permanently off-balance.

Follow the jump to find out what’s going on in the leisure world of Halftime.

In the leisure world, writers Andrew Gutman and Connor Letendre look into remakes and sequels, and both find that something not entirely original isn’t necessarily bad.

Gutman questions the assumption that remakes are always bad and that the idea of a “remake” is a new trend.

…even if we can make some good remakes, wasn’t everything better when movie ideas were original? In theory, sure–if such a time ever existed. Ever since the time of silent films, movie ideas have been recycled in Hollywood, and the results were sometimes outstanding.

Letendre reviews the new Captain America movie, called Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which he finds is a “mild improvement” on the series.

The visual effects are incredible, designers added a massive tower to Rosslyn and it seemed to actually belong there (though us frequenters of the GUTS bus know it’s no architectural marvel, pun intended).

Photo: Keith Allison via Flickr

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