Hybrid bike store and coffee shop coming to the District

In the latest of a series of changes that have been turning Washington, D.C. into Williamsburg, D.C., the owners of Filter Coffee and The Bike Rack have joined forces to create their own hipster haven: a coffee shop that sells bikes (or is it a bike shop that sells coffee?). Apparently, those are a thing. The store will be located in Brookland, NE and will open this fall, according to the Washington City Paper.

The owners of the new business decided to team up and combine their expertise in yuppy culture and respective brands. Filter Coffee owns a store in Dupont and Foggy Bottom and Bike Rack is in Logan Circle. The new owners decided on Brookland because it’s a growing area, according to City Paper.

The concept is so stereotypically hipster that it’s almost unbelievable. But bike shops with cafe options have been done before, even in the District. Chuck Harney, one of the owners, understands that the concept behind his new store is straight out of Portlandia, according to Washingon City Paper.

It seems like it will be a successful business. “Growing area” is really just code for “there’s a lot of hipsters moving there now” anyway. The new owners just need to get a thrift shop owner in on the plan and then there’s really no stopping them.

h/t Washington City Paper

Drawing: Dylan Cutler/Georgetown Voice

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