This week in the Voice: GSP’s trailblazing story

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In this week’s feature, News Editor Claire Zeng looks at how the Georgetown Scholarship Program grew to its current level of success in the past decade.

In just 10 years, GSP has become much more than the money. It has evolved from a scholarship for 50 students to a vibrant community of 640 students that achieves a 98 percent graduation rate for first-generation college students and students with limited financial resources—a number that GSP proudly champions as overwhelmingly higher than the comparable national rate of 32 percent.

News takes a look at a new landlord rating site, Roomr, created by the Corp, GUSA, and the Georgetown Student Tenant Association.

Leisure reviews Jodorowsky’s Dune, a movie about a failed attempt by an outlandish Chilean director to turn Herbert’s Dune into a film.

In sports, Voices Editor Steven Criss  discusses  Derek Jeter‘s legacy as he begins his last baseball season.

In Voices, assistant sports editor Chris Castano discusses the impact Minor League Baseball can have on individual players.

In Editorials, the Ed Board commends GUSA for aiming to streamline the process of getting sign language interpreters for student groups, though it finds that GUSA should push for further access reform.

And finally, Page 13 looks at everything that will happen before Georgetown gets a Metro stop.

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