Just the Tip: SFS know-it-alls and culinary adventures


Dear Caitríona,

I am in the SFS and I can’t stand the majority of my classmates. Almost all of them act like jumped-up know-it-alls who won’t be satisfied until everyone in the room knows how smart they are. The most frustrating part of all this is that my professors don’t see through their bullshit. Should I also be more of a know-it-all so people think I’m smart?


I Can’t Even

Dear I Can’t Even,

As a fellow frustrated SFS-er, I feel your pain. But after sitting in countless lectures with these douchers, I have come to realize that the old adage, “empty kettles make the most noise” is absolutely accurate. If you actually listen to what most of the know-it-alls in your class are actually saying, you would realize that for the most part none of them know what they’re talking about. They just seem smart because most people (including the professor) just tune them out.  Next time you’re in lecture just do the reading, and actually listen to your classmates. You’ll be reassured that they definitely aren’t as smart as me, I mean not as smart as you. (Sorry, slip of the tongue. I may not be a know-it-all, but I am still in the SFS for a reason).

Hi Caitriona,

I am really sick of not knowing how to cook any real food. I can make simple things like pasta and eggs, but anything more complicated than that just goes up in flames or tastes awful. I am living in an apartment next year and want to get off a meal plan, but I don’t know if I will have enough culinary abilities by then to actually eat some good food. Halp!

-Poor Taste

Well cooking is all trial and error, unfortunately. Some good staple foods to start with are pasta, grilled cheese, and scrambles eggs, but even these recipes will probably end up looking more like a science experiment than food the first few times you make them. But just pick a recipe you like, get good ingredient,s and set off on the long road to culinary excellence. Oh, and check out this website.

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