I’ll be getting more sleep, but I’ll still miss you, Vox

Vox and her assistant editors in the shark-filled Voice office

Over the past five months, Vox has become a part of me. I mean this literally: it’s more akin to a bodily function than a job at this point. I wake up, and I edit Vox. I eat breakfast, and I edit Vox. I go to class, and I edit Vox. I write papers, and I edit Vox. (Notice how I didn’t include sleep on there).

I had a few fears when I signed on as King of the Iron Throne of Vox: “But I accept this position fully knowing that I am ready to deal with the consequences: multiple spurts of short-term ADD a day caused by staring at the internets too long, possibility of mental breakdowns, erratic sleep schedules, and checking my phone every three seconds hoping for yet also fearing breaking news, and more side effects I have yet to discover.” I suffered from at least three of the four fears I listed, though it was well worth it.

Vox has been with me through a lot. This weird campus offers a lot of odd and interesting news to report on: from the “Smoke of Satan” video criticizing OUTober, towaytoomanysnowposts, and finally, the unfolding of the ricin scare in McCarthy. Vox even got a makeover, thanks to the hard work of Technical Director Noah Buyon.

It’s certainly been an interesting ride, and I wouldn’t have been able to report on the weather (and other things) nearly as much as I did without my amazing assistant editors: Marisa Hawley, Laura Kurek, Kenneth Lee, and Ryan Greene, the next Vox editor!

Vox will be in good hands. And though I will be going abroad, I’ll be checking in often (most likely in the form of angsty, anonymous comment personality, like so many other Vox editors). While I’m excited I’ll be able to sleep somewhat more regularly, I will miss this silly blog. After all, completely letting it go would be like stopping a bodily function. I’m not sure it would be possible.

Photo: Julia Jester/Georgetown Voice

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