Behold your ginger master, Vox Populi

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Like the Voice‘s own version of Joseph Stalin, I bided my time on the outskirts of the party leadership, carefully planning the day I would rise up and seize power for myself. And now that day has come. I, Ryan Greene, am the new editor of Vox Populi.

My time with Vox began the way many Vox staffers get started: covering events that no one cares about. It wasn’t long, though, before I moved all the way up to documenting drunk students urinating in public and dozens of unattended laptop thefts in Vox‘s Campus Crime Watches.

Ok, those weren’t much better, but I steadily gained the trust of then blog editor Vanya Mehta a.k.a. Voxy Gurl. With Voxy Gurl’s departure, I began the first of three terms as assistant Vox editor, first with Connor Jones, then Julia Tanaka, and finally with the recent Izzy Echarte.

I was there when Steward Throat caused chaos in the 2013 GUSA presidential election, when the One Georgetown, One Campus campaign crushed the University’s idea of building a satellite residence, and when a ricin scare cleared half of McCarthy 6 and landed one student in the hands of the FBI for charges of possessing deadly amounts of the toxin.

While I welcome the challenge of tackling some breaking news coverage, I hope no one’s safety is threatened in the process. It’s way less stressful writing about something as run-of-the-mill as an election scandal broken by “Stewardthroat” than ricin in a Georgetown dorm.

To help me out from now until the end of the fall semester, my assistants Kenneth LeeMarisa Hawley, J. Kimler, and Grace Brennan will join the team.

Be sure to follow Vox and the Voice on Twitter and Facebook and read the print edition every Thursday to keep up with our content.

It’s gonna be a fun semester. Die for Vox \m/

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