Georgetown Celebrates 10th Annual Rigby Weekend

On Saturday morning, as the sun shone high over the Hilltop and D.C.’s cherry blossoms were at their peak, the Friends of Rigby Foundation celebrated the 10th Annual Rigby Weekend to promote fire safety among Georgetown students and to commemorate the life of Daniel Rigby (MSB ’05).

The Friends of Rigby Foundation was founded in October 2006 after Georgetown student Rigby passed away in an off-campus fire on Prospect Street. The organization seeks to educate college students of fire safety and to prevent tragedies like what happened to Daniel Rigby.

Runners and walkers alike came out for the Run for Rigby on Saturday afternoon for a 5K (or a 3K for those who prefer to walk … like Vox) on the Leavey Esplanade. The run, initially started in 2005, had over 150 participants including Georgetown students, alumni, and friends and family of the Rigby family. Patrick Rigby, Daniel’s brother, and Kevin Rigby, Daniel’s father, spoke in memory of Daniel at the start of the run and gave the ceremonial countdown.

Attendees changed from their sweaty running clothes into their fancy semi-formal attire for the the second event of the weekend, The Rigby Ball. The Ball, initially started in 2006, took place on Saturday evening at the Sphinx Club in Franklin Square, and had over 500 attendees, according to President and co-founder of the Friends of Rigby Foundation Jay Tedino (MSB ’06).

All of the attendees of the event received fire safety brochures with information catered towards college students.

The Friends of Rigby Foundation continues to raise money and awareness throughout the year towards smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for off-campus housing at universities and fire inspections for college communities. The Foundation is close to raising enough money to endow the Daniel H. Rigby Memorial Scholarship at Georgetown University.

Photo: Courtesy Jay Tedino/Run for Rigby 2014

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