Comments of the Week: Hoyas napping under the sun

Last week on Vox, the University decided to do more super-important master planning when nobody was around, Miley Cyrus shared some of her wisdom on movies, the student credit union began offering private student loans, and a drag ball happened.

Vox bid farewell to former Blog Editor Izzy Echarte, whose body had by now became part of Vox from her semester-long reign, and embraced with open arms a new ginger master editor. Kim Jong Il had this to say from his grave:


Vox caught the senators of the campus’ most beloved organization, GUSA, cat-napping in the sun when they were supposed to try and have a productive session under the beautiful weather. GUSA denialist loved our coverage:

Lovin’ the sass level.

Some commenters, like revolutionaryGUSA, might want to stage a coup d’etat, which may or may not involve burning down Lau?

Down with the burgoise white pants! When the people rise up against the tyranny of the senate you will be the first to lose your nearly obsolete title.

After yours truly added a spam comment as a joke to last week’s ‘Comments of the Week,’ Vox received a flurry of feedback about the Voice‘s new venture, Halftime. me seems to want some sort of rivalry between these two blogs:

halftime has way more interesting content than vox, just sayin….

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