Georgetown student named Top Ten College Women grand prize winner

On April 9, Glamour named Georgetown University student Kendall Ciesemier (COL ’15) as the $20,000 grand prize winner of the 2014 Top 10 College Women competition for her non-profit Kids Caring 4 Kids , which has raised nearly one million dollars for schools, clinics, and housing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Glamour’s Top Ten College Women competition has recognized college students for 57 years for their achievements and contributions both on campus and in the greater community. Past winners include Martha Stewart and former Dallas mayor Laura Miller.

“This competition is designed to honor young women who go above and beyond,” Editor in Chief of Glamour Cindi Leive said.

This year’s top 10 includes an Olympian, a NASA space expert, a political activist, and an NCAA athlete.

As the grand prize winner, Ciesemier stood out for her helping less fortunate children while struggling through a rare liver disease that she was born with.

“If you’re sick, healthy, pretty, or poor, anyone can make a difference in another persons life,” Ciesemier said.

 After watching  a special on African AIDS orphans on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ciesemier dug up whatever money she had in her savings to help an African child through a charity she had Googled.  Inspired to do more, Ciesemier started the non-profit Kids Caring 4 Kids in 2004 and now has a following of over 10,000 teens. Due to her efforts, a high school is opening in Zambia to educate over 100 children.

“She’s a leader not just in her college, but in the world.  She’s making this place better for all of us,” Lieve said.

The Top 10 College Women are profiled in the May 2014 Glamour edition, which hit newsstands on April 15th.

Photo: Kendall Ciesemier

8 Comments on “Georgetown student named Top Ten College Women grand prize winner

  1. “If you’re sick, healthy, pretty, or poor”

    That about covers it.

  2. Is there a universe where I don’t have to care about Kendall Ciesemier?

    I want to live in that universe.

  3. Dear “well I said it”:
    1) go f*** yourself
    2) is there a universe where jerks like you say things like that without the blanket of anonymity? No, because it is often the most cruel people who are also the most pathetic. I’m sorry for you that you are so painfully jealous. Get well soon.

  4. Congratulations to Kendall for her win and for all of her hard work over many, many years to make the world a better place. She’s a truly selfless person and completely deserves this recognition and success! What she doesn’t deserve are these spiteful comments, though, and I urge the people who have written them to reflect on how poorly they are spending their free time in the comment section of web pages and also to remove the tree trunks from their assholes.

  5. Glamour magazine is nothing more than a glorified fashion blog. Unimpressed

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