Nationally renowned food vendor selected for Healey Family Student Center pub

Yesterday afternoon, the University sent an email to the Georgetown University community announcing that a vendor for the Healey Family Student Center pub has finally been selected. After narrowing down the list of possible candidates to 12, a collaborating group of students and University administrators decided upon Bon Appétit Management Company, a vendor known for their sustainable food sourcing and quality ingredients.

Bon Appétit is an on-site restaurant company based in Palo Alto, California that offers full food-service management to corporations, museums, and specialty venues. The company operates in over 500 cafés across 32 states. It currently provides its services to numerous other universities, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania (which is now considered one of the most vegan-friendly campuses in America).

Striving to uphold its motto of “food service for a sustainable future,” Bon Appétit is characterized by its Farm to Fork program that commits the organization to buying locally and maintaining the highest level of culinary standards. Additionally, the company is recognized for being socially responsible in addressing food’s role in climate change and the issue of farmworkers’ rights.

Bon Appétit has also received international attention for its food service. A few of its many impressive accolades include The Humane Society of the United States Award for Excellence in Food Service, The Daily Meal’s lists of Top Universities for Food Lovers, Best College Food 2012, and the 2013 Most Innovative Company in Food.

photo (3)Selecting Bon Appétit as the pub vendor was the result of careful consideration of student feedback and the various items they wanted to see incorporated into the food operation service at the Healey Family Studetn Center. According to Joelle Wiese, the Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Business Services at the University, major factors included extended late-night hours for 18+ groups, a pick-up/carry-out window, a small seating section that could be reserved for celebrating special events, and a pub set-up (as opposed to a texmex restaurant or deli).

Bon Appétit was also selected for their willingness to hire students and work with them on planning the pub, according to Wiese.

“Bon Appetit offers a fairly robust program,” Wiese told Vox. “We really thought the program they offer would enhance the current on-campus food offering for students.” She also emphasized the valueable opportunity students have in working with Bon Appétit in adding their input to design concepts, menu ideas, and the overall approach to the restaurant.

The pub showcase, which was held this afternoon in the Leavey Center program room, was packed with visitors trying samples of the pub’s food and beer and rating possible interior designs.

photo (4)The pub’s menu was on display and included, unsurprisingly, lots of bar food and grill items but also entrees ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to chicken pot pie.

The only thing the pub lacks, it seems, is a name. Bon Appétit is asking for student input on the name of the pub and is currently receiving suggestions for a name via Twitter.

Additional reporting by Ryan Greene

Photo: Ryan Greene/The Georgetown Voice

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