University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

Today, the Georgetown administration, in conjunction with GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), announced in an email to the Georgetown University community that students will be required to live in University housing for three years and that interim housing accommodations, including the Leavey Hotel, will be used during the 2015-2016 academic year. The third-year housing requirement begins in the fall of 2015, meaning that the Georgetown Class of 2017, and subsequent classes, must live on campus come their junior year.

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, and the Director of Residential Life Stephanie Lynch explained the details of interim housing in a media interview. Interim housing involves adaptations to the Leavey Hotel, triples in some rooms in Village C and the Southwest Quad, and modifications to some Village C common rooms to make new rooms. These changes are only temporary, and the altered rooms will revert to normal after the completion of the Northeast Triangle Dorm.

Interim housing is necessary to meet the 2010 Campus Plan’s requirement to house an additional 385 students on campus by the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. Delays in the Northeast Triangle Dorm construction force the University to seek alternative space for the new beds. While the renovations on Ryan and Mulledy Halls will add 160 beds, more are needed to reach 385.

The administrators stressed that the third-year housing requirement will not compromise a junior’s ability to study abroad their junior year and still seek off-campus housing for their senior year. Studying abroad for a semester will count as living on campus for a semester. Additionally, transfer students to Georgetown will not be required to live on campus their senior year.

Tezel and Jikaria were present during this media interview and said that, while a third-year University housing requirement is not ideal, the University’s commitment to finding interim solutions on campus and their inclusion of exceptions for junior year study abroad and transfer students made them feel secure about an agreement with the administration.

For a more detailed story on the University’s new requirement and housing rearrangement, read the Voice‘s news section tomorrow.

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10 Comments on “University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

  1. I think it’s also important to note where things would have been if GUSA hadn’t engaged the administration. We might not have gotten these provisions to protect study abroad and transfer students’ rights to live off campus for their senior year. Also, the university WAS considering a satellite campus to meet the final capacity, something that GUSA pushed back on.

    There’s also a lot of good things that are mentioned in the email that GUSA was able to squeeze out as concessions from the university, like Olson’s office hours, student voices in the 2017 Campus Plan, expansion of the open container program.

    This third-year requirement was coming, regardless of what students wanted. This is probably the best solution possible.

  2. So, GUSA rolled over. Hope they enjoy being specially invited to more press conferences to hear decisions that have already been made. Why do we vote in GUSA elections again?

  3. Working behind the scenes is much better than direct confrontations with the administration, you guys!!!

  4. I am interested in their rationale. Georgetown is a pricey area for student apartments. Is the University trying to serve them, or trying to support a res life philosophy, or seeking to recoup funds for res hall renovations?

  5. @Joe Slavens: You must be new here (cf. “Campus Plan”). University Housing is generally more costly than group houses.

  6. I think the new residents of the old Jes Res should get special access to the tunnels. Let the Shenanigans begin!

  7. Ik it’s Georgetown but damn, is no one fighting for us? **** GUSA (rhymes with buck)

  8. when the students that are supposed to fight for us don’t stand up for us? This is a joke, right? Tromika literally signed off on the 3rd year requirement, breaking the news to the student body that they were royally screwed with their signatures under RObert Morey and DTO. They couldn’t even manage a year of wiggle room to show the University they could try and get students here voluntarily? What a joke. Direct confrontation like nate and adam probably wouldn’t have been smart, but at least those guys had the balls to stand up for what they wanted. pathetic

  9. Gotta get those dolla dolla bills, y’all. Complaints from neighbors, my ass…

    “[…] while the new residence halls will bring in $4 million in revenue each year.”

    “We are also very excited about being able to provide more housing on campus because that serves a real need. It is also a way to capture revenues and keep it on campus to maintain and develop an important resource for our student body into the future.” – David Rubinstein

  10. A couple of items from Didymus: Do you really want the Georgetown campus to resemble a human anthill? The tragedy is that it didn’t have to be this way. Georgetown has blown opportunities to acquire or retain buildable land in the general neighborhood time and again. Lest we forget, these include the Duke Ellington campus in the 50s, Hillandale and the north half of the Visitation campus in the 70s and 80s, the Car Barn and the Wormley school property in the 90s, not to mention the sale of the McLean Gardens tract, once known as “Georgetown College Villa” in the 19th century The greatest lost opportunity was the Mount Vernon Campus. The Board of Mount Vernon College offered the land to GU, so long as it agreed to preserve some semblance of the name and institution. Georgetown dithered and then dropped the ball, and the rapacious administrators at George Washington made Mount Vernon an offer they couldn’t refuse. The rest is history. Take a run out Foxhall Road sometime to see the beautiful facility GW has built on the site and ponder the lost opportunity.

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