Prefrosh Preview: O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront and other fine on-campus cuisine

Picky eaters, beware. Georgetown’s only on-campus dining hall, Leo O’Donovan Hall, is commonly regarded as one of the most frustrating parts of the Georgetown experience. Don’t worry too much, though, because Vox is here with his guide to on-campus eating spots, and they’re not all quite as bad as Leo’s.

Leo’s and Grab ‘n Go

Overcrowded and understaffed, Leo’s is, unfortunately, a required part of every freshman’s and sophomore’s living experience. The University requires that freshmen and sophomores choose a meal plan. In general, choosing anything more than the 14 meals-per-week option is ludicrous, since the next option is 24 meals-per-week.

Most people opt for 10 or 14 and use at least 8 meals at Leo’s every week. That’s lunch and dinner every day from Monday to Thursday.

The key to enjoying Leo’s at all is to eat during off times, which is 11 a.m. to noon for lunch and 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Trust Vox, going to dinner at 6:30 can be a disaster with how many people go there at that time, especially during the early part of the year, when many freshmen go to Leo’s. Waiting in line for pasta at 6:30 could take over 20 minutes, and the pasta isn’t worth that wait.

Extra meals at the end of the week can be used to pick up extra food from Grab ‘n Go or Einstein’s Bagels, which also accepts meal swipes, and saved for later.

Another trick that just about everyone does is stealing small amounts of food from Leo’s. Vox does not advocate that students steal from the University, but many students do and few get caught.

Vox knows people who stole tubs of ice cream, napkin dispensers, and even pieces of silverware. Those are extreme cases and those students actually could have gotten in trouble, but taking small amounts of fruit or bread are a safe bet for anyone willing to risk it.

Hoya Court

The new Hoya Court dining options, which opened last year, are a major improvement over the older eateries. Subway, Elevation Burger, and Salad Creations have good quality food. Elevation Burger and Salad Creations can be a little pricey, but so is everything else in Georgetown.

Hoya Court always has plenty of seating and the only store with poor hours is Salad Creations, so this is a good dinner or lunch spot. Throw in the Cosi and Starbucks that are right down the hall and the Leavey Center has plenty of options.


Ah, the good ol’ Epi. This is basically the dining hall for freshmen who live in Darnall, which is fitting because the space that Epi occupies actually used to be Darnall’s own dining hall. Unfortunately, though, meal plans do not cover meals at Epi, and, although the food is high-quality, the pay-per-pound buffet style can end up costing a lot.

Epi is open all night now, which makes it the only on-campus spot to get drunk pizza, provided the famed DC Slices food truck isn’t parked on campus.

Wisemiller’s Grocery and Deli

This is the holy grail of tasty food in Georgetown. Nestled between Walsh and Lau, Wisey’s has some of the best sandwiches in the entire city. Prices are great, they give you lots of food, and there’s a wid selection of snacks and beverages to go along with each sandwich. The Chicken Madness, Hot Chick, and Burger Madness seem to be the most popular orders from Wisey’s, but don’t forget about their breakfast options, too.

Oh, and Vox heard from some of his friends that any fake ID will work at Wisey’s.

The Healey Family Student Center Pub

The new student center, which is currently under construction, will feature a new pub that promises high-quality bar food. The vendor for the pub was selected recently and seems to have a pretty great track record. The pub doesn’t have a name yet, but likely will soon.

Here’s to hoping the next addition to the Georgetown food scene is worth having, and makes skipping meals at Leo’s even easier.

Photo: Georgetown Voice

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  1. anything will work at wisey’s, freshmen. anything.

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