Comments of the Week: Where there’s smoke of Satan, there’s fire

During the first full week of summer VoxVox kicked off Prefrosh Preview with a guide to on-campus “dining,” looked on in bewilderment as William Blatty (COL ’50) revealed that the Vatican might do something about the dirty Georgetown secularists after all, and got to read the new free speech code, which the administration and GUSA released.

Now that it’s clear that certain members of Congress may try to put a stop to D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization bill, Azazel has seen right through their ploy.

I wonder how much of this is Congress figuring that if pot is decriminalized, the high strung interns will forget to fawn over everyone in the Capitol?

When Vox clued the freshmen into the fact that you could probably use a fake ID with a picture of a dog on it at Wisey’s, Voice Boy took the time to comment to reiterate that fact.

anything will work at wisey’s, freshmen. anything.

Uh oh, a post about Blatty and his petition to the Vatican to have Georgetown’s Catholic status revoked. This usually gets the commenters fired up. The Smoke of Satan got them off to a good start.

William Blatty’s mother sucks cocks in hell

Yikes. SIR ROGER DE COVERLY answered the call to the Catholic commenter crusade and fired back at The Smoke of Satan.

Good one, “Smoke of Satan!” Other than strongly desiring to meet with you personally to discuss what he feels is the error of your ways and offer you “death without the sacraments,” he must be eating his cookies over putting that comment out there for all the world to see the close relationship of some of the Petition’s critics to tongue lolling, moronic hyenas.

In the end, as always, the trolls got the last word.

SIR ROGER DE COVERLY’s mother sucks cocks in hell.

What a zinger, Another of the Current Crop of Georgetown Literati.

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