Comments of the Week: Let’s talk about drugs

Last week, Vox brought Georgetown’s upcoming freshman a taste of some of the lucrative substances available (or not), which generated much heated debate. It also tried (not very hard) to cover some D.C. local news to make sure you’re well-informed while you’re away, but honestly, everyone needs a vacation in the scorching heat every once in a while.

Some bloke called Alex Smith got really mad at us:

I am really against this article. This is not information that freshmen need to know, and it certainly shouldn’t be published alongside more meaningful information. This just makes Georgetown look bad. No freshmen needs to know that study-enhancing drugs are “never too hard” to come by. I believe this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy by making it seem like these things are accepted and normal. They are not. I am a current student and did not know these things. And I don’t need to.

Another bloke called Antonin Scalia didn’t hesitate a second to agree to disagree:

Yeah, I agree with the above comment. How dare you publish something like this on the World Wide Web. We all know that less information leads to more safety!!!! What are you thinking!!!! NOW THAT PEOPLE HAVE READ THIS FILTH, OUR CAMPUS WILL BE SWIMMING WITH DEGENERATES!!!!!! NO JAMES NO

This third bloke, Rainbow Jeremy (Vox commends his/her apt name), was probably poetically applying Burt’s Bees lip balm onto his/her eyelids:

I usually just chill at home, smoke my own home grown, and watch a bug’s life.

Meanwhile, Trigger This eagerly awaits the SFS freshman who eagerly brings nationwide academic debates into Georgetown:

College should have one big trigger warning. CAUTION: you are now entering a zone of rude bullshit, people suck and will probably hurt you, also if you do your readings something will make you mad, but you probably wont, because of the other rude bullshit. #TriggerWarning

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