D.C. releases $54 billion transportation plan spanning until 2040

The District government released a draft of their Multimodal Long-range Transportation Plan, which will go into effect over the next thirty years, last Friday. The plan aims to address demands for additional transportation throughout the city and includes new sidewalks for pedestrians, new bicycle tracks, expanding freight transit, and addressing vehicular demands.

While the plan is ambitious and is self-described as only a “starting point” for the next 25 years, the grand total of costs comes to about $54 billion, which is around $2 billion annually until 2040.

It is unclear how much of the plan will become a reality, but, according to the DDOT, project prioritization and where the most money is allocated is based on elements such as sustainability and connectivity.

D.C. City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson already believes that too much money is going into transportation elements such as the streetcar system and in his proposal for the DC budget, he will propose to lower the streetcar’s funding. Mendelson hopes to use this money to fund other projects such as a new bridge over the railroad tracks north of Union Station, as well as to fund tax breaks that will span over the next five years.

Although a Georgetown metro stop is in the planning stages and does have ANC approval, at least, Vox found no mention of the stop in the new transportation. While the implementation of a stop was not explicitly stated, the Transit Element did note that “more than half of district residents lack access to a Metrorail station within a half-mile walk from their home,” giving hope that maybe Hoyas in 2040 will not have to take the GUTS bus.

Photo: Ed Hunsinger via Flickr

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