Rent Is Too Damn High guy sues District Board of Elections

Apparently in politics these days, all you need to receive national attention is a Chester A. Arthur-like beard, a memorable catch phrase, and Kenan Thompson to do an SNL spoof of you.

Jimmy McMillan, founder of the Rent is Too Damn High party, has done just that and, after making several runs for election in New York, the party has made its way to to D.C. The District of Columbia’s Board of Elections, however, is too damn squeamish for McMillan’s liking, prompting him to file a federal lawsuit for $130,000 last Thursday, after the board refused to put the party’s name on the ballot.

In April, a group of individuals, inspired by McMillan’s loud mouth and intriguing facial hair, decided to name their slate after the NY-based party when running for the Democratic State Committee. On grounds that the party’s name would offend the elderly, however, the group was forced to change their name from “Damn” to “Darn” in order to stay on the ballot.

McMillan’s lawsuit alleges that the Elections Board is violating free speech by forcing the group to remove the word “Damn.” McMillan claims “religious fanatics” of the District are influencing voters and that the slate would have received more than the five seats they gained if the party’s name had “Damn” instead of “Darn.”

This isn’t the first time an elections board has removed the party’s name from the ballot. In 2010, McMillan was so damn angry that he sued the New York Board of Elections for $350 million on grounds of violating constitutional rights. An official from the New York Elections Board said that removing the name from the ballot had nothing to do with the party’s language, but rather that the name was too long to fit.

If McMillan thinks that DC “religious fanatics” are out to get his party, Vox thinks he should get a load of the D.C. religious fanatics out to get Georgetown.

Photo: Frejus via Flickr

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